Northern Virginia 1800Auto Broker Shares The Types of Brokers

One of the tricks to using a broker, however, is figuring out what kind of auto broker you’re dealing with. A simple look through the phonebook or Internet search can scrounge up dozens of names, but not everyone is really working for the consumer.

A pure, consumer-driven auto broker usually works out of a small office or home office with a skeleton staff, charging flat-fee buying services to any customer who asks them to. This is the kind of broker Northern VA 1800 auto Broker is. they have a home office, which keeps their overhead down passing on the savings to their clients.But don’t feel limited to hiring a broker in your immediate region. As the market for broker-represented buying has spread, many brokers have started working from Web-based traffic and taking on clients around the world.

“I can do new and used car deals for anyone, no matter where they live,” said Dave Sutch, CEO of, a brokerage in San Francisco. “I am meeting with someone today who is from New Zealand and wants a 2000 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson truck. [And] I recently was able to negotiate the purchase of a new Honda Accord for over $1,500 lower here than any dealer in the customer’s home state of Washington.”

While many brokers are former car dealers, This is not true for Northern VA 1800 Auto Broker. They have neber worked for been car dealers at a dealership. They should not be receiving any compensation from dealerships for passing your name along as a lead. Many operations call themselves brokerages, but make substantial amounts of their profits from dealerships, or even directly work for a dealership. This isn’t illegal or even unethical, but can lead you to question whether they really have your best interests at heart.

“There are many people and services posing as brokers or leasing and buying agencies,” said Jay Green, owner and founder of in Los Angeles. “The best way to check would be to call some random dealerships near them and ask if they have heard of the person or service and what they have to say about them.”

Feel free to ask questions about the broker, his or her background, the fee structure and the history of the company. Most reputable brokers are proud of their independence from dealerships and will openly boast about how well they know the tricks dealerships can pull. Call Northern VA 1800autobBroker at 1-877-AUTO-814. They are fairly new to the local market but have years of experience with buying, restoring and loving the car business.

“For most people, the initial salesman is about as high on the food chain as they’re likely to have access to,”’s Green said. “These people are not qualified to answer my phones, much less look after our clients’ best interests.”

Fees for these services can start at $500 and can go as high as $1,000 normally, based on the car you’re buying and whether it is a new or used model. Used cars and rare cars tend to carry a higher fee since it takes more legwork to locate a good deal; although, you’ll likely see an even deeper discount from what you could have bought on your own thanks to regional differences in used car prices.

Your broker should charge you on a flat-fee basis, agreed to before purchase. This way, the broker only makes money when he or she gets a great deal for you and can’t drive up the fee by putting you in a more expensive car.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, wholesale clubs like Costco and auto clubs like AAA offer car-buying services similar to what brokers offer. Even a site like basically operates as a broker. Normally, these services operate by working out special pricing with one dealership in a market that can be offered to members in return for referrals. While this isn’t a true brokerage arrangement, the service is often free or very inexpensive and can often take much of the haggling out of the car-buying process.

A consumer can often get similar deals by simply calling or e-mailing a dealership’s fleet or Internet manager and negotiating prices through them.

In the end, most consumers can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by hiring a professional to broker the purchase of their next car. But beyond the dollars, you’re also saving hours of hassle in avoiding the traditional walk-up or even an Internet-based dealership experience. And that can be the most valuable benefit of all.

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Guide to Getting a Massage in Fairfax, Virginia

Living in or visiting Fairfax, Virginia is an experience that you really wouldn’t want to forget. Fairfax is a wonderfully modern city with a rich history and historical sites, great people, and fantastic shopping. But trying to see and do everything that Fairfax has to offer could leave you wanting a massage. Massage in Fairfax is provided by independent State Certified Massage Therapists, Licensed Massage Establishments, and a growing number of Day Spas.

Massage in Fairfax is an experience that people from all walks of life find enjoyable after an exciting day exploring Fairfax and something they want to repeat over and over again. Whether your goal is to relax and relieve stress with a slow, soothing massage, relieve muscular pain and chronic tension, have a pain free and more comfortable pregnancy, or improve your sports performance Certified Massage Therapists in Fairfax can help you achieve your goals. In fact there are several available types of Massage in Fairfax. The most commonly offered massage techniques in Fairfax are:

Swedish Massage – relaxing massage using gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and striking strokes along with gentle stretching and rocking.

Deep Tissue Massage – massage of the deeper musculature and connective tissue to release chronic tension and pain. It’s often a firmer massage that is appreciated by experienced clients.

Sports Massage – massage to assist the athlete in preparing for and recovering from sports events.

Neuromuscular Therapy – advanced pain relief targeting specific trigger points in muscles, tendons, and attachment sites. A great choice if you have muscular pain.

Trigger Point Therapy – targeted pain relief using specific pressure to release painful knots in muscles.

Positional Release Therapy – a gentle pain relief technique where the therapist moves the client into specific positions that allow the body to release tension.

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage – massage for the mother-to-be helping her to decrease pain and discomfort throughout the pregnancy.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – specifically used for decreasing swelling and edema as well as improving the circulation of the body’s lymph. It’s detoxifying and some think it improves the immune system too.

However, in addition to the more commonly practiced massage therapy techniques your Fairfax based Massage Therapist might also practice some other well known and highly effective massage therapy techniques:

– Medical Massage
– Myofascial Release
– Craniosacral Therapy
– Hot Stone Massage
– Connective Tissue Massage
– Thai Massage

You might even want to try a very special massage therapy treat when you get a massage in Fairfax like Couple’s Massage where a couple can receive their massages together in the same massage room with two massage therapists. Or, for the true massage therapy enthusiast some Licensed Massage Establishments and Day Spas offer Four Hand Massage, Duo, or Tandem Massage, where you can receive therapeutic massage by two massage therapists at the same time.

Massage in Fairfax is also convenient to receive. Massage in Fairfax is available on an incall basis at a Massage Therapist’s office, in a Licensed Massage Establishment, or in one of many conveniently located Day Spas. Massage in Fairfax is also available on an outcall basis in your Fairfax area home, office, or hotel. No matter where you are in Fairfax a great massage is only minutes away.

So if you’re in Fairfax what’s stopping you from getting your massage? Massage in Fairfax is relaxing, stress reducing, pain relieving, and performance improving so get one today…you’ll be glad you did!

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Reston Va : Town Facts

Reston is an internationally-recognized planned community that was built in order to transform the post-World War II theory of land use and residential and corporate development in the American suburb.

With a population of about 56,000, Reston is considered as one of the best places to live in the United States. The wide range of housing styles, vast amount of open parklands, pedestrian access, a wide variety of recreational activities and close proximity to the Washington DC and the Dulles International airport makes Reston an ideal destination for new home seekers. The residents express a sense of community and belonging which is was makes Reston stand out among the other community.

Reston is located in the centre of the Dulles Corridor which is close to the Dulles International Airport and just 20 miles from Washington DC. The Dulles Corridor has many large and small businesses, restaurants and shops. Many Reston residents live and work in the community. They are proud of their unique and the high quality of life. Reston is a walk-friendly city with over fifty miles of pathways connecting people to places and encourages walking, jogging or biking to work.

When it comes to recreation in Reston, variety is the spice of life. Reston offers a wide range of recreational activities for all the age groups. It has over a dozen outdoor pools, more than 40 tennis courts, four lakes and a 72 acre Walker Nature Education Center sanctuary. Reston can be considered the starting place for fun. The Reston Town Center is a perfect blend of the ideal downtown with its variety of Italian piazza and the diverse French boulevard. The wide array of shops and stores make shopping a pleasure all year round. It has the Hyatt Regency Reston Hotel, over 50 retail stores, some of the finest restaurants, and a 13-screen Multiplex Cinema. The popular location, the Pavilion hosts special events, concerts and festivals throughout the year. In winter, ice-skating attracts hundreds of visitors to the Pavilion making it the most popular places to hang out in Northern Virginia’s downtown area.

It is no surprise then that people want to buy real estate property here in Reston. Real estate owners here enjoy the endless facilities that range from shops, to restaurants and to museums. Reston has is all. Being a part the Dulles Technology Corridor there are good employment opportunities. Reston is home to Fortune 500 companies like Sprint Nextel and Sallie Mae, and also high-profile organizations like the US Geological Survey and the National Wildlife Federation. All these features make Reston an ideal place to live, work and play.

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The Best Certificate Programs in Washington Dc and Virginia

There are a lot of certificate programs available today but not all of them will lead you to a glorious career. In fact, most of these certificate programs will eat up much of your precious time and money. You may even end up in a non-secure career transition.

However, there are some excellent certificate programs that can easily fit into your hectic schedule. These programs should be useful in taking your career to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the best certificate programs available in Washington DC and Virginia.

If you are stuck in a career rut, where you are struggling to move forward, there are some advanced certificate programs that can help you break down the obstacles keeping you from a successful career transition. These advanced certificate programs are excellent in offering great career transitions.

Some of the best certificates programs based on today’s career opportunities are International Business Management, General Management, Health Systems Management, Business Accounting, Government Contract Management, Cyber Security Management and Information Systems Management.

All of these certificate programs are based on management and accounting. These certificate programs are popular for a reason. What company or organization can function without a management professional and an accounting department? This is why the above mentioned certificate programs present some of the best opportunities for an effective career transition.

Furthermore, in current economic conditions, the accounting and management sectors are the only areas that are not affected. The job security in these sectors is very high. Many organizations are struggling to maintain accounts in this rock bottomed economy. Hence the demand for accounting professionals is very high. Management and accounting professionals can have a very prosperous career whether it’s in the International Business sector, the Health sector, Information Systems or Government.

These certificate programs are even more valuable if you already hold a degree. If you’re still not a degree holder, there is nothing to worry about it. There are some campuses in Washington and Virginia that offer both degree programs and certificate programs.

The degree programs come in two forms – a bachelor degree program or an associate degree program. Both of these degree programs are career oriented. You have to choose the degree program based on your availability. The associate degree programs can be completed pretty quickly in comparison to bachelor degree programs.

However, there is one more thing that has to be considered when selecting the type of degree program that you’d like to pursue. It’s your ability to learn. If you are a quick learner, the associate degree programs are made for you. The bachelor degree programs will enable you to get wide knowledge in an extended period of time. Some of the best bachelor degree programs like an Accounting Degree, Government Contract Management Degree, Information Systems Degree, Business Management Degree and International Business Degree will take 18 months to complete.

When it comes to Degree programs and Certificate programs in the United States, the best campuses are located in Arlington, Fairfax, Reston, Alexandria and Annandale.

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Bbq Restaurant Franchises In The United States

Few things are better than the passion and satisfaction that is brought by the wonderful aroma of BBQ food.

There is no doubt in anyones mind that if barbecue was a national food, in the United States it would win without losing a breath. One of the core reasons behind this is the simple fact that barbecue is enjoyed World over by almost every culture that you can imagine, and as such, enjoys a level of popularity not seen in other types of cuisine.

On top of that, every person that is capable of holding a pair of barbecue tongs also has their own personal favorites and knows how to best cook and present their favorite BBQ dishes.

Within the United States, there are four well known styles of barbecue that exist; from Memphis, Texas, Kansas City and Carolina, and within each of these states, barbecue restaurant franchises are available and offer an exciting opportunity to new restaurant owners seeking a successful business model within a well established market.

To whet your appetite for business in the Barbecue Franchise Market, here is the “meat” of the facts!

1) 7, 429 Barbecue Franchises operating since 1998; this figure has risen dramatically from 1998 – 2008.  (1998 Recount U.S., a service of NPD Foodservice Information Group, Rosemont, IL.)

2) Burgers (82%), steak (79%), chicken (72%) and hot dogs (71%) top the list of the most popular BBQ foods prepared on a hot barbecue grill!

3) Charcoal grill owners are most often prompted to cook on their charcoal grills by a desire to eat great tasting food (77%)

4) Four in ten consumers who eat from a charcoal grill (39%) normally use barbecue sauce to add flavor to their dishes. Most popular flavors include hickory (65%), mesquite (49%) and honey (49%). (Source: The Hearth, Barbecue and Patio Survey 2007)

5) The first bottled barbecue sauce originated in Kansas City. (Dotty Griffith, Celebrating Barbecue…, 2002)

Is investing in a BBQ Franchise a sensible thing to do?

Passion for food is paramount to run any successful BBQ restaurant franchise, and if you have the energy and will to succeed, then you should seriously consider taking up the reigns on a barbecue franchise.

If you have a strong gut feeling that there is a great opportunity for a barbecue franchise in the area that you are considering launching, then start looking for a franchise that fits your financial criteria while satisfying your diners.

It should be known that the first year is the hardest for any franchisee and it is rare for a new BBQ franchise to break even. This is the nature of starting a new restaurant franchise.

How much does it cost to run a BBQ restaurant franchise?

To start your own barbecue restaurant franchise, you should be ready to invest in the regions of $75,000 and $250,000 in total capital investment.

Your BBQ franchise fee can be expected to average out at around $35,000 and the franchisor may possibly take a cut of around five per cent of your takings.

Locations, meanwhile, are likely to be large and spacious. You’ll need to have a customer-facing approach that can fill that space, night after night.

Some franchisors construct from scratch to guarantee standardized experiences. Bar-B-Cutie for example, takes between 90 days and six months to build and prepare a site, so bear this in mind. If you are in a hurry to get started, that may not be the way to go as that could douse your grilling dreams in a bucket of cold water.

You could also find that barbecue restaurant franchisors want to be hands-on and take the lead on designing your BBQ restaurant so that it blends in with the franchise’s brand.

This can include things like staff workwear, menus, dinner plates and so forth; leading names like the well-known barbecue restaurant chain such as the 55-year-old Bar-B-Cutie, are adamant in ensuring that their corporate identity is kept intact within their outlets.

If, on the other hand, you prefer running things your way, then it would be wise to seek a smaller barbecue restaurant franchise as they often have less stringent controls on the way you run your business.

It should go without saying, but always read the small print in any franchises terms and conditions, as they will all vary, some to your liking, and some not.

If you think you are ready to take up the tongs on your own barbecue franchise and open your own restaurant, take a look through these fiery franchise delight below and see what lights your fire.

The current list of active Barbecue Restaurant Franchises in the United States.

BD’s Mongolian BBQ

Since 1992, BD’s has been delivering a unique, interactive dining experience that sets them apart from the competition focusing on: Fun, Choice and Control. BD’s are currently looking for franchise partners to help them build on the success they have experienced with both owner-operated and franchise restaurants.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

When you open a Dickey’s BBQ restaurant franchise, you’re not just opening a restaurant. You’re becoming part of the family. That’s why Dickey’s is the biggest fast-casual barbecue brand in the United States, and also the fastest growing.

Dickey’s are quite selective about who they choose to join the Dickey’s BBQ franchise family. Whether it’s an Owner/Operator or a team member, they select only the the very best.

Famous Dave’s Barbeque

Famous Dave’s is a “specialty” casual dining restaurant franchise, creating environments that transcend current restaurant offerings by serving the highest quality, flavor-intense foods in surroundings that are stimulating, interesting and fun!  Famous Dave’s is more than a restaurant – it’s an escape from the ordinary.

As of June 15, 2009, Famous Dave’s had 176 restaurants open – 46 corporate and 130 franchised locations in 38 states. They have been ranked #1 in our restaurant category by ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Sonny’s Bar-B-Q

Sonny’s reputation wasn’t built overnight – it’s been almost 40 years in the making. Sonny’s Bar-B-Q customer acceptance is based on their unwavering commitment to making outstanding Bar-B-Q served by outstanding people.

Today, their success continues as a result of a strong family of dedicated franchisees backed by a solid system that delivers consistent products and profits.

At Sonny’s Franchise Company, community involvement is a top priority. That’s why they support various community initiatives throughout the southeast. Sonny’s has strong partnerships in Education, Arts & Humanities, Charitable Initiatives, Youth Development and Human Services.

Virginia Barbeque

Their business model has been specifically designed to be family friendly to the customers and the franchise owner. Owners are drawn to the BBQ business because of the lifestyle freedoms that are unique to their chain that opens at 11 am and closes no later than 9pm.

Virginia Barbecue are also quick to point out that, “Americans now spend 47.9 percent of their annual food budget in restaurants, making it nearly equal with grocery stores and other retailers as their main source of food, the NRA stated.”

Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Woody’s have a passion for Bar-B-Q, and a passion for great franchise partners. With a lower start-up entry cost and outstanding franchisee support, Woody’s is a great opportunity within the fast-growing casual dining segment. And, Bar-B-Q is hotter than ever.

Woody’s are commited to training new franchisees in all aspects of operating a new BBQ franchise business and provide dynamic opening advertising assistance and customer generation techniques, and the toll-free support line means that as a new franchisee, you will always have someone on hand to help.

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