The Police Don’t Need Reform: a Response To Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell

While I accept that the arrest of Damian Green and the invasion of his privacy was quite appalling, and that those responsible have to be held to account, this kind of abuse does not usually take place in the other 43 police forces in the kingdom, and certainly not in Devon and Cornwall. The upper echelons of the police are composed of highly qualified and dedicated men and women whose professionalism is without question.

Michael Howard established police authorities in their present form when he was home secretary. They are composed of elected county and unitary councillors, who form a majority on the authority, and independent members who are recommended by the Home Office and then appointed by the councillors. We appoint the chief constable and those of senior rank, hold the chief constable to account, set the budget and lay down policy guidelines. Some useful post here.


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Michelle On A Mission

How exactly we can empower father and mother, schools, and the city to fight childhood obesity.

For years, we’ve known about the epidemic of childhood obesity in America. We’ve noticed the statistics–how one third of all kids in this region are either over weight or obese. We’ve seen the consequences on how our children look, and how they experience themselves. And we realize the risks with their health and our economy–the vast amounts of us dollars we spend every year treating obesity-related circumstances like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancers. Find some thing useful at kitchen?


But we as well understand that it wasn’t generally such as this. Back when most of us were developing up, we led lives that maintained almost all of us at a fairly healthy fat. We walked to university each day, ran around at recess and health club and all night before supper, and ate home-cooked meals that always seemed to have a vegetable on the plate.

For many kids today, those walks to school have been replaced by car and bus rides. Afternoons playing outside have been replaced with afternoons inside with Television, videogames, and the Internet. And with many parents working longer hours, or multiple jobs, they don’t have time for family meals around the table anymore.

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The Drones Are Coming!

When you think about drones, you almost certainly think about loss of life from the sky. But that’s going to change. A bunch of companies, old and new, are racing to market with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) intended for nonmilitary applications from wildlife tracking to real estate advertising to last-mile package deal delivery. The size of the market for these benign uses remains to be a subject of extreme speculation. But the technology is normally flying in advance, far before restrictions governing safety and privacy. Let find best indoor quadcopter for your own now.

Weapon-bearing drones like Basic Atomics’ Predator and Reaper generate the news. Yet also in the military, a the greater part of UAVs will be tiny, nonlethal craft, applied mostly for surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance. They resemble radio-controlled unit airplanes with video tutorial cameras–and that, in essence, is usually what they are. But with the advantage of advanced technologies ranging from infrared sensors to GPS, they become flexible flying robots.


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